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Hey there, and welcome.

I started with photography in 2008. I tried every type of photography that sounded even remotely interesting; flowers, street photography, landscapes, portraits and headshots, architecture… you name it, I shot it!

What I discovered in that experimentation was that I love people and love photographing them. After I shot some black and white film images of my boyfriend in the nude one morning and saw what we created in those moments, I was hooked on the intimacy and the beauty of the process and product.

I truly love people, and I love the process of getting to know them. I love the time in sessions I spend just talking to people before their clothes ever come off, and then using the mood and the light and the connection we share to create something beautiful.

If you want to pose for me, please reach out through any of my social media accounts or my e-mail form on my contact page. I’d like to get to know you too. 🙂