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Session Pricing

1 Person, my home studio: $375

Couple/Thrupple, my home studio: $475

1 Person, your home: $475

Couple/Thrupples, your home: $575

Each session will yield 18-25 retouched images.
Additional Retouched Images: $50

Prints are available. You will receive one 8 x 10 print of your choice with the session.

Sessions with me are pretty laid back. I set aside 3 hours for an individual and 4 hours for those in relationships. Usually the first hour is just us getting to know each other in person over some coffee or tea (though some have chosen whisky or tequila for nerves), all before any clothes come off. As we settle in to the day, and once I feel the energy is right, we get started with the shooting.

I’m very methodical in my photography; I take my time. Rare is the moment you’ll hear my digital camera shooting 10 frames per second, because I like to create the images I capture. I will keep capturing the images I’m inspired to shoot until I feel like we have accomplished the vision we laid out for your session.

Within 7 business days of the session, the final retouched images will be sent so you can pick out your image for printing.

The price for the sessions in your space includes expenses related to travel within 10 miles of my home studio on Capitol Hill in Seattle. I’m definitely available to travel further, it will just incur a small fee.

If you find all of this exciting, get in touch with me to book your session!