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Kinks, Fetishes, and Eroticisms – with Casey

Full Erotic Content available here:

As with all my new work, the blog post will have content safe for Instagram. Any more explicit photos that wouldn’t be IG safe are on my justforfans page.

My shoot with Casey was specifically for a projected I started as a way to explore gay kinks, fetishes, and eroticisms through a first person photographic perspective. The idea behind the series is that you, the viewer, should feel as though you’re exploring each particular model’s kink, fetish, or eroticism through me. 

Sex is such an openly taboo topic in our daily lives. We simultaneously embrace and shun it. “Sex sells” is a ubiquitously understood term, as is calling man-made products we find aesthetically pleasing “sexy.” American advertising – which is to say, American Culture – is all about squeezing as much sex into as many things as possible without it being TOO sexy or crossing lines. 

Take Instagram or Facebook, for example. I could perfectly recreate an image posted as an advertisement for alcohol or clothing or jewelry, but there’s a high probability that my work would be banned by the “decency censors” when an ad wouldn’t. Why? Because we are only okay with sex in certain contexts before it becomes “destructive.” 

 I call bullshit. Sex is a very common and shared pleasure and experience among so many people, but those same people don’t want to talk about it. We call it “decency” or whatever, but really it comes down to being afraid to be judged on what we like; being afraid to talk about what brings us pleasure. 

So, I want to push that button. I want to explore what other men like and give them that pleasure and let other people explore that with me. I do have a few limits for the project. Since I’m adamant about maintaining a first person perspective, I won’t use my tripod. That means I need both hands free as well as I can’t do anything that would endanger the electronics of my equipment. I also have some personal hard-stops where I pull out my own safe-word and won’t go beyond, but I won’t list those. If you’re curious, ask. 

The whole concept came to me around February of 2020, and I shot my first session with my partner Chris. Then Covid shut down the world and I did almost no shooting for months. Fast forward a year, and I began wanting to shoot this particular project again. 

Casey and I have been talking off-and-on for years on Scruff. They’re an incredibly sexy, sexual, sweet, loving, compassionate, intelligent person. I’ve had a lot of great conversations with them, but I hadn’t seen them on in quite a long time before we found each other again a few weeks before this shoot. Our conversations were fluid and easy. We both really enjoyed the idea of trying this concept together, so we set up a date. 

The session itself started as all my sessions do: we sat and talked for at least an hour. Casey caught me up on the last year of their life, I caught them up on mine. We talked about all the things we learned about ourselves during the course of isolation. We truly connected a lot of dots through being forced to be alone and think, and it turned out that we grew as humans in many of the same directions. It was a nice feeling. 

There was a very palpable energy we shared as we realized how much we had in common. Casey is very touch-oriented, as am I, and so that just naturally happened through the course of our talking and conversation. The more connected we felt, the better it felt to be able to transition the conversation toward the topics of the shoot. 

I don’t do a lot of planning for most shoots, but for this series I do have to ask some questions. What are your kinks? What gets you off? When you masturbate, what do you think about and what’s your “go-to” imagery? From there, I start to try to build a shot-list in my head. I decide what I can and can’t shoot, and we talk through what ideas I’m having, I get consent for the images I have in mind, and then we just get to shooting. 

Unlike most of my shoots, I’m directly involved and in the images in some way or form. That’s weird for me. I’m not used to being my own subject, let alone my own nude subject. I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about that. It’s something that I unpack a little more whenever I have these shoots and spend time thinking about it. 

Because of the very intense connection we felt, this shoot with Casey was super easy. The intensity of my physical attraction to someone is directly influenced by how I feel about them as a person, so when I am already physically attracted to them and then I feel an intense connection, the attraction is just amplified. That was definitely the case here. I think Casey and I created some beautiful images together, and I love them. 

Now, because I’m still using my justforfans for any explicitly nude content, I might not have as many non-sexual images to post from any session exploring this content. But, a beautiful image is a beautiful image, so I retouch anything I like from a session whether it’s in-theme or not.

As always, I hope y’all love the images! 

With Love, 


This is image is so sweet
This image went from sweet to lust.