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Men in Monochrome – with Kris

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As with all my new work, the blog post will have content safe for Instagram. Any more explicit photos that wouldn’t be IG safe are on my justforfans page.

Kris, like many of us, has been doing a lot of self-exploration during the COVID-19 drama has unfolded in the US. So many people I’ve known have done the same, myself included. For some, it’s been the self-reflection caused by the loss of a job, either permanently or through furlough. For others, it’s been through the requirement to work due to being deemed essential and having to face the idea that their pay doesn’t reflect the “essential” aspects of their work. For others still, it’s been the highlight of racial injustice in the United States and across the world and their relationship to that racial injustice. Others still have their own unique reasons. 

All of this has affected everyone in some way. We are either directly impacted by these feelings or our lives have been impacted by people experiencing these feelings, and many of us seem to be taking time to pause and reflect on our fundamental life choices. Personally, I’m realizing that I want to shoot more and make more art. I want to make more money off the art that I create, so I created my JustForFans account to do that. Around the same time I was making that decision, Kris was deciding he wanted to challenge his own comfort zones and explore the idea of exploring sex and sexual kinks while also making money doing it. 

In a very COVID-19 move, my first meeting with Kris was via a Zoom call. We originally met on Instagram after he followed me from the new account he created for his more sexual online presence. After a few messages, we both decided we wanted to work together. In that first call, we discussed ourselves, why we are doing what we are doing and what we hoped working together would accomplish. I heard so many of my own themes and thoughts in what Kris was saying he was feeling. He has set up an OnlyFans page and is excited to be able to do the work of setting up a business; finding an audience and defining a market niche, figuring out how and where to market himself to his audience; creating content; leveraging social media to increase his presence, etc. 

In terms of the images themselves, I am happy with them. We wanted to go for something that was me, but also captured the highly sexual nature of the content Kris wants to put up. Artistic sex is something I’ve been working to capture for a long time, and I think I did a good job with Kris. However, that doesn’t leave many images for this blog post, but JustForFans has it all!

We are all on our own journeys. We are all figuring ourselves out. Hopefully that won’t end with COVID-19 and we all continue to challenge ourselves to learn and grow our own happiness. 

As always, I hope you enjoy the images! 

With Love,