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Men in Monochrome – with Steve

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There are certain shoots that change the trajectory of my work. Either in the moment or in reviewing the photos or the model’s response to seeing the images, they stick with me as defining moments in my journey as a photographer. This shoot with Steve is one of those, but it actually changed some things in my life too. 

Steve had found my work online, and asked to pay for a nude session. He was visiting in town for a conference and staying at a local hotel in Galveston. He wanted me to do the shoot in his hotel as he thought it would be fun. He’d done some nude modelling through his life but hadn’t been in front of the camera in a while, and he was very interested in being photographed by me. I was flattered, to say the least. This was early in my shooting, and I’d just started my masculinity and body image project, so I asked if he would mind posing for that too, which he happily agreed to. 

Like many shoots, I told him Chris might be there with me when the plan was to shoot in my space. When he changed it to the hotel, he said he’d be very comfortable with Chris coming along too. I offered and Chris came along. In the course of the shoot, Steve was very flirtatious with both me and Chris. This was my first experience with that, so I was probably overly cautious in my approach, and since Chris and I weren’t yet even in an open relationship, I didn’t know how he was feeling. So, I passed on acting on anything, but the shoot oozes with sexuality and sensuality. It also didn’t hurt that his dick is huge and he’s an exhibitionist who requested to go into the halls of the hotel for public nudity images.

As we were leaving, Chris admitted he was very turned on by Steve. That began a long conversation and an even longer series of conversations that had brought us to our current open and polyamorous relationship. This shoot also challenged my beliefs at the time on what could and couldn’t be nude art. It’s not something I’ve studied and was long before I heard of high-value sexual art from the likes of Robert Mapplethorpe. This was sexually charged art, made more so because the model wanted to have sex with us, even if I was too scared to act on it. And from this, I grew as an artist and a human. That is why I love making art. 

As always, I hope you enjoy the images! 

With Love,