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Time to Catch Up! – with Jon

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As with all my new work, the blog post will have content safe for Instagram. Any more explicit photos that wouldn’t be IG safe are on my justforfans page.

I’ve definitely been out of the writing loop for a while, so I hope you’ll be able to bare with me as I brush off the dust and get back into the swing of things. 

Life has been a lot since August of 2020. I’ve changed roles in one job, and then changed roles again in accompaniment with a change of employer. I’ve spent a lot of time immersed in a lot of different emotions; sometimes fluctuating wildly between them in the same week, sometimes latching on to one and holding on for a while before moving to another one. I’ve been doing a lot of searching both for and within myself. 

Through my lack of blog posts in the last year, I’m sure it seems as though I haven’t been making art. That’s definitely not true. I have, but I haven’t had what felt like the space or time to write about it in the way I’ve always enjoyed. I feel like I’ve got more emotional and mental capacity, along with a bit personal time to talk about some of the shoots I’ve had. It’ll probably feel and sound differently than it has in the past, but that’s because I’ve done a lot of growing in the last year. I just hope what I have to say is still something worth reading. LOL

Anyway, let’s talk about Jon. Oh, beautiful, soft-spoken, shy, beautiful, sweet, friendly – and did I mention, beautiful? – Jon. We used to work for the same company, but I’ve been talking to and aware of who he is for a long time. We must have talked for years on scruff about getting together for a photo session, but the stars never properly aligned to make it happen until a couple of days after my birthday this year! 

I only had a few ideas of things I wanted to capture of Jon. First, his was the first real shoot I’d done of anyone else since Reese, which means it had been 6 months. That meant I had to get myself back into the swing of creative shooting at all. But on top of that, I wanted to do some dramatic studio-lit portraits of Jon that almost felt like a fashion magazine style image of a nude man. I’m not sure if I accomplished it, but I definitely tried. LOL

Jon was a very good sport. I’m sure I was super awkward in trying to get myself back into the swing of things, as well as trying to figure out my camera and lighting and all of that in the den of my apartment. Let me tell you, it was definitely a weird set-up. 

All in all, I was happy with the work I produced, and I think Jon liked it too. I challenged myself and accomplished some looks I hadn’t done before. I’ll take that as a win any day. 

As always, I hope y’all love the images! 

With Love,